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    Just wanted to share my new Commander with you guys, completly stock atm. 2007 Sport V6 3.7L 4x4. 83K miles on the odometer when I got it. Was a gift from my dad. Because I live in Mexico and im 18 years old ill just keep it simple. 2 inch lift with some 265/70 KO2 wheels. 0:)
  2. Problems / Dealer Service
    Dear friends, since i while I'm realizing that my jeep commander 3.0 CRD has problem to start in cold weather. After a night out in the mountain with -1 degree celsius (not cold at all) the car has problem to start normally and it takes a few seconds to run the engine. As soon as i can i ll take...
  3. General Commander Discussion
    Low buck vehicle winter survival kit... Everyone says they don't need one with cell phones so close... In the event of a major winter storm, the cops and emergency rescue have real problems to deal with, and a stuck motorist is a low priority. Lots of people become stranded on back roads...
1-3 of 3 Results