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  1. General Commander Discussion
    Hey Everyone, My 2008 Jeep Commander's wipers, turn signals, and high beams stopped working yesterday. The dash lights also went very dim and cannot be adjusted. I started noticing that the radio screen was changing brightness about a week ago. Sometimes it happened when I turned on the...
  2. Problems / Dealer Service
    When manually engaged, the passenger's side arm works, but the driver's side arm just lays there like a lazy bum. How do I get that guy back to work? Thx
  3. Problems / Dealer Service
    hello! I got an 06 commander last December, and for a little while I had no problems with it. but I'd say a few weeks into owning it, the dash lights would ALL turn on (seat belt, oil, check engine, etc) and the radio and dash lights would all flicker occasionally. when that would happen, if I...
  4. Problems / Dealer Service
    Hi to all- This is my first post here and, unfortunately, its problems with my new used 2008 Jeep Commander 3.7 4x4 Sport with 37,000 miles on it. I've had it for only three weeks now. I searched other threads to see if anyone else had this series of problems and I didn't come up with any...
  5. Electronics / NAV Discussion
    the other day my windows, horn, and front and rear windshield wipers all decided to stop working. sounds like a fuse problem, but not sure. anyone else experience this, or have any ideas what it could be? also one of my headlights and tail lights went out as well. i think that all has to do with...
1-5 of 5 Results