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skoalman said:
just realized that the 4WD system is actually the Quadra-Trac II. I find myself wondering what the average gas milage is going to be. This has the 4.7L engine. I had the same engine in the other one but no 4WD. Should I notice much of a difference?
Anyone else out there using all of these automatic gizmos - rain sensing wipers, automatic head lights, autodimming mirrors?
I have a 4x4 4.7 base w/ the Quadra II also. Just put 2nd tank of gas and it said I avg. 13.5 m/g.
But that's over here in Germany where the avg min. speed is 120 kph +(80mph+) Don't think that's to good for my new Jeep with under 500miles:eek: .I think if I lay off the peddal a bit, I would get a little better milage.
On the automatic gizmo question, I use a few of them. Just be careful with auto wipers if you go through a car wash.:eek:
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