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Jeep Info:
Year: 2007
Make: Jeep
Model: Commander
Engine: 3.7L
Transmission: Auto
Drive: Auto 4x4
Miles: 137,251

Issue: Major Leak under vehicle of reddish Pink fluid.

Fix: Water pump/anti-freeze

Notes: Come to find out on this particular Jeep the manufacturer requires you to use the MOPAR Anti-Freeze mostly found at the Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Dealer. It cost about $52.00 for two gallons of the 5-year/150,000 mile antifreeze. Make sure to use this.

The residue found under my jeep is actually Anti-Freeze from the water pump leaking. The MOPAR Anti-Freeze is a reddish pink color.

In order to replace this you need to take the Belt off by releasing pressure with the tensioner pulley. After the Belt is off you need to take the pulley of that is to the right of the tensioner pulley, after this its 8-bolts that need to be taken off the water pump. Make sure to keep track where each one goes because there are short and long ones. After the bolts are off you should be able to pull off the water pump. NOTE: A lot of Anti-Freeze is going to come out when it comes off. Makes sure to sand off any gunk where the seal is going to be. Install the new water pump. Tighten all bolts down in a star patter/similar to a car tire pattern. Put the pulley back on. Put the Belt back on.

Note: The top hose going to your radiator located on the drivers side. Where this hose connects to the engine there is a hex screw. Remove this screw and use a Smaller funnel to fill with the MOPAR Anti-Freeze you purchased from the dealer. It will probably take 3/4 to 1 1/4 of Anti-Freeze. Make sure the reservoir is full and pop the radiator cap "WHEN COLD" and add fluid as needed. To make sure everything is good to go, turn vehicle on, wait for the temperature to reach 180 degrees, make sure heater is on and the fan blowing. If everything is working heat should be rolling out of the vents. If there is no heat coming out of the vents most likely the cooling system is not flowing through all components of the engine. Also keep in eye on the temp gage for obvious reasons. Hope this helps somebody out there.

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