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My commander sport 07 feels like it is almost a limited, what else would I be missing.

I am just trying to see what else am I missing if I had purchased a limited.

I have...
1) leather heated seats / power front seats
2) heated outside mirrors
3) rear a/c and heater (third row seating)
4) 4.7 v8 engine
5) 2wd with traction control (4wd next time)
6) going to add the hitch, (would the wiring already be installed?
7) I have at Boston Premium Audio speakers
8) I have the RAQ 6 disk changer the knobs are black and want the chrome ring like the heater controls on the dash. I am looking at ID REF. Compatiable? Plug and play?
Is this a downgrade or equal grade. I really want the AUX.

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I think the only limiteds had the read grab handles at the back by the hatch.
You are correct about the chrome grab handles but they can be added.

I have done it and so have a couple of other guys here.

As far as the screws in the fenders flares - that's one feature I'm so glad I don't have.

Not a fan of those screws at all.
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