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2006/2007 Seat Swap

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Hi All, Been lurking for a couple of years and have gotten some great info from you. But I just ran into an issue that I can't find any answers to.

I have a 2007 Jeep Commander with power drivers seat. Its on the way out. I bought a 2006 power drivers seat. Well... Different wiring harnesses. What am I to do? Do I need to purchase a whole new wiring harness? Can I cut out the harnesses and wire the wires directly? (I dont think that's possible because there are additional harnesses on the 06 that arent on the 07)

I'm lost, any suggestions?
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@Towerladder and any others wondering... yellow is the key indicator of active restraints. Side impact airbags, and seatbelt pretensioners can be dysfunctional if not properly handled/connected. Also the passenger seat mount has Occupant weight sensors that affect the frontal impact airbag deployment. There is a specific procedure for reinstalling that seat, i just cant find what page in the service manual.
Yes there also can be heaters missing from the 06 connector, but thats not as concerning.
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