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So my wife was part of an 8 car accident during a blizzard last week. Unfortunately, the car that hit her has non-standard insurance and we will be lucky if we see a penny from her insurance company. Either way, we now have the opportunity to make some modifications but I'm hoping for some input on what to do. Damage includes:

Front right headlight
Core support
Front bumper
Front right fender, inner fender, and fender support
Front right wheel
Rear left tail light
Everything plastic on the back
Rear tailgate

I'm looking into TAG bumpers front and rear. Questions I have for the rest:
1. Recommendations for CAI since the airbox is smashed?

2. Has anyone replaced the fender support? I plan to buy a spot weld cutter and pop rivet or bolt it in place, then drive over to the local body shop for them to weld the new one onto the body.

3. Since the FR wheel is ruined and all 4 tires are on the last ~12 months of wear, what would you recommend for a 265 or 285 tire and wheel?

4. Along with #3, a modest lift would be great...suggestions for a 2" lift?

5. What are my options for fender flares on the 2006?

6. Any descent lights...headlights and/or tail lights? I need one of each and would like to find quality LEDs and HALOs.

I'll start taking pics of the damage and dismantle. My wife is on board with taking this opportunity to beef up the look of the Jeep and we will probably finish it off with a new black paint job. The TAG bumpers will be black, the fender will need paint, and the hood/roof have hail damage. I'm thinking chrome handles/trim, black pain, black rims.

We have my truck and her car so the Jeep will be a 8-9 month project leading up to next winter.

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If I were you, I would cross into Canada and buy a used Commander there to replace yours. I'm in Quebec and many good Commanders are available here for much less $ than in the States. Further more, the Canadian dollar being so low will give you another 30% more Commander for your Us $.
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