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Hi All,

Looking for a little assistance.

My beloved 2006 Commander with 489,000K got written-off just before Christmas.... so I got another one!

The old one had the factory installed 6-CD RAQ radio and Uconnect through the rearview mirror. The new vehicle does not. I have moved the radio to the new 2006 without a problem but I am stumped on the connect module.

From the old 2006, I removed the mirror, wiring harness (which goes down the right-hand pillar), and uconnect module (behind the passenger kick-plate) but got stuck installing them in the new vehicle. The new 2006 has the bracket for the uconnect module and installing the cable to the rear view mirror was straight forward but the wiring harness does not have a connector to plug into the module. I had hoped that Jeep would have used the same wiring harness but simply not install the uconnect module or the cable to the mirror in a vehicle without the factory feature -- no such luck.

Is there a special cable that I can get to make it all work?

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