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just got done with exchanging the starter on our 06 hemi,
was one of the worst car repairs I can think to date I have done.
had the jeep on 4 ramps, didn't want to remove the inner wheel well because
those are usually a headache to get back on correctly with all the clips.

under the jeep, I unbolted the front of the driveshaft, I think this will be
impossible with hand tools, used my impact and it still took forever with all the extensions and the blue loctite on the bolts. I kept the tcase in gear but it may have been better in N to spin it where I need it.

unbolting the front of the driveshaft barely gave me more room, but it was just enough. remove the 2 starter bolts with 5 extensions was easy, and then moving the starter down and backwards, to remove the nut and clip took some time. then it took some time to figure out how to get the starter out of the hole, I left the heatshield on, didn't feel like taking those bolts off.

I called around 10 dealers around the country could not find a new oem starter, only rebuilt, same with local stores.
I stopped by my local parts distributor that sells to the public and they
had one brand new oem jeep starter for 130, I really wanted new since
I never want to replace it again. On a side note the original one went 144k miles.

I sanded the harness contact, and got ready to put the new one in,
the worst part is you cant attach the harness back on like you took it off,
the harness has to have the metal edges facing down onto the starter,
after a hour I finally found the sweet spot, it was facing up and down in the hole in order to get the harness on, and then I did tighten it thru the fender well without removing the wheel well plastic. I had a buddy help, I dont think I would have put it back on by myself that easy.
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