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Hi all! I'm new here, I've tried several other forums through reddit and I figured this would be the best place to try and find answers. So around winter time of last year I had a hose crack on me, I believe it was a T connector for the auxiliary heat? I don't know much about cars to be honest. And I hadn't noticed until my jeep died on the highway from getting too hot. Anyway, a friend suggested we replace the parts that cracked, and we did. We also refilled my engine with coolant, this did not fix the overheating. So we replaced the thermostat, water pump, and fan clutch. Im still overheating! The only thing that seems to help is blasting my hot air, but seeing as how the heat index in Arkansas is around 111°F this makes me miserable. Any advice or ideas on what it could be?
Here is a silly, but, necessary question @CommanderDriver06 ;

Did you check & verify, that the fan you replaced is actually working?

Turning on & functioning properly when the engine gets up to temperature?

Also are you receiving any Diagnostic Trouble Codes in the EVIC?

You can check for codes by doing the key dance;

The Key dance is performed by turning the ignition switch on/off 3 times quickly - On the 3rd cycle, you keep it in the ON position - DO NOT turn it off on the 3rd cycle.

Any current or stored DTC's will be displayed in the EVIC.
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