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I bought 2006 Commander w/4.7L, QD-II about month ago. This morning I tried to start it and I couldn't. It's not cranking. I could only hear semi-loud click coming from the left side under the dash or left side under the hood where fuse boxes are located. I had to go to work so I didn't have time to locate exact location of the click. It clicks every time I turn the key in the ignition.
Any ideas what's wrong? Any help will be appreciated.
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This takes 2 people, take a long enough screwdriver n jump the positive n negative wires on the solenoid on the starter. N at same time have someone turn key to start position. If this works you need at least a new solenoid, but might as well change the starter while your at it. If this just clicks then smack the starter with something hard while someone is turning key to start position. If this doesn't work check relay under hood fuse box's. From the sounds of what's happening its the starter my guess. Good luck
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