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I just picked up a 2007 Commander brochure and noted the color changes.
Some of these you may know and some not.

Bright Silver, Black, Stone White, Jeep Green are carry over from 06.

Colors dropped for 07 are Light Khaki, Dark Khaki, Midnight Blue, Inferno Red.

New colors are Red Rock Crystal (darker than Inferno Red), Light Greystone (replaces Light Khaki, sort of between white and silver in color), Mineral Grey (replaces Dark Khaki I guess, more of a gun metal grey), Steel Blue (replaces Midnight Blue, totally a different shade).

Oh course Deep Beryl Green was dropped middle of 06 model year and replaced with Jeep Green.

I bought a Dark Kahki 06 and glad I did know. The new colors are not bad, keeps things fresh.
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