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This is my first time in the forum.. patience please. About 2 months ago, the master window buttons (driver side) failed to open just the front windows...rear activators worked fine. (also, all individual activators at the doors worked fine) The door locks and window lock at the driver side failed... these still worked on the passenger side. I was going to replace the driver switch module but found the power window control ALSO failed and that was a separate unit.

Just last night, the rear seat window, drivers side, was powered down and then failed to close.. neither the driver activator or the back seat activator work.

So, I have 2 issues:
1- it is 11degrees this am... I need to get that window up ... any experience on manually lifting a rear power window?

2- all the issues are spreading to the left side of the car. Is this wiring, fuse/power component or switch activators? Note, I can still activate the rear passenger window from the driver side master switch?!?

Thank you.

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