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I have a 2007 Jeep commander with 196k miles on it.

Last fall I had the coolant system flushed, new water pump, new thermostat.
Last week, engine light come on, blew the cooling fan fuse. Not just blew, like melted 馃槖 that the fuse is replaced, fan kicks on fine. At idle and town speeds, temp is fine. At highway speeds its running about 3/4 of the temp.
Am I looking at radiator or head gasket? No visible leaks. No coolant in the oil.
To my knowledge, it has not been overheated, just a helluva lot hotter than it should be.
Insight appreciated

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Perhaps the new thermostat is a dud? It happens. Happened to me once.

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Happened to me with my 2008. Turns out the lower radiator hose was weak and collapsing from the draw when the water pump is operating at highway rpms. Replaced lower hose and thermostat and temps have held steady.

2006 Commander Limited, 5.7 Hemi QD2
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