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My son has a the above that he bough used. It had a motor change and we were told the engine came from a liberty. There is a hose ran from the back drivers side corner of the engine to a hose with an old style small block chevy crankcase evac valve. Last week this car was smoking bad and was leaving a puddles of oil on the ground. I took a trailer and hauled it home. There was a puddle oil on top of the # 6 coil pack. We cleaned everything off with brake cleaner, started the car and find no oil leak. Bought the oil dye and let it run 30 minutes with no indication of dye. I have driven it to work 4 days this week and can't find anything that would lead to the amount of oil I saw on his pictures he sent and what I saw on the Cp.

In short I have a new pcv and the correct tube from the dealer for that valve. I see it routes over the top of the back of the intake to what I would call the plenum which is caped right now. We also have the Oem tube on order that goes from the air cleaner box down the side of the engine. The problem is that it looks like on the diagrams I see that it hooks into the same spot it looks like the Pcv tube goes to. We have two tubes to hook up, but I only see one place to route them to.

What am I missing? Can any of you direct me to a picture or have any photos of how yours are routed? There cars has been good for him, but there are a couple things that are cobbled up so we are trying to get it back to original as possible.

Thank you for your help
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