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I just got back from my first Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival and it was awesome!

I have a completely stock 2006 3.7L XK with 125k miles on it. Since I bought it used a couple of years ago, I can only assume that it is the factory suspension because it is BEAT! So I purchased the OME Medium Duty complete suspension kit for it. Unfortunately I ran into some difficulties and ran out of time, so I attended JeepFest with a beat suspension and Goodyear Fortera tires that have very little life left in them.

Well, just for kicks I thought I'd try one of the beginner trails. When I arrived everyone basically rolled their eyes and scoffed at me and my beautiful family. I could see it in their eyes. They expected to have to pull me out. In fact, the JK right in front of me hooked up his tow strap and threw the other end up in his backseat just so he was ready. [Full disclosure: If I had seen the trail before I went out I would not have gone.]

Well, even though the ruts were deep and the mud was slick, the XK performed like a champ. Never got stuck. Never fell behind. Never damaged a thing. I was very proud of the old girl. She came through like a champ. In fact, I'm going to leave the mud in place a couple more days as a badge of honor.

However, for next year, the suspension will be done, she will have 32" Mud Terrain BFG's, and real skid plates. No sense in tempting fate. And who knows, maybe I'll try an Intermediate Trail.

Life is Good!
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