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2020 gladiator wheels on 06?

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I’m looking to buy these wheels for my 06. I have the 2” lift with 1.5” spacers. Will the newer wheels fit. I believe they are 5x5 but wasn’t sure about lug nuts? I know newer wranglers have metric lugs , not sure if that means anything. Any help is appreciated.
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Ok thank you! Can’t wait to see these on the Jeep.
Oh I’ll definitely do it before and after as soon as I get them with my Lift installed it’s just trying to find time to do everything
Finally got the lift and wheels installed. It sucked. The front end didn’t want to cooperate. Very hard installing the new struts with spacer. Took me all day. I did new upper and lower control arms, struts, shocks, tie rods, gladiator wheels with 1.5” spacers and 255/75/17 tires. I still get a small clunk over big bumps. I’m going to install all new end links this week hoping it might help.
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Clunks over bumps can also very easily be the sway bar bushings. I have to swap mine almost every year.
Ok thank you, I will change those also.
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