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Hey gents,
I figured this would be a good thread to kick off- that is to say, of course, if no one else has before in days long past...

So I have been digging around the interwebs and come up with some research based on Diesel Engine compatibility, prices, and availability.
Wondering if anyone out there has heard of, done it themselves, or dreamed of dropping in a diesel to swap out their 4.7L or 5.7L on their respective XK?

It looks like the best option would be the new ECO diesel motor, however the price is just astronomical(north of $13k). US and Canadian Companies are offering $5-6K 3.0's that are remanufactured and are supposedly cross compatible for any of the models offered with V8's(some ECU work required). Remember, this motor boasted 100km/13L of fuel consumed

Then there is the OM642. Out of the Sprinter, or Freightliner. This motor is probably the likely choice of all three... great economy, outstanding reliability, and with all of the decommissioned fleet vehicle around in the market... its a killer deal of availability... folks are practically pushing them out the door... 100K miles for $2200.

At any rate... what are your thought. feel free to opine.
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