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3.7l V6 with QT2, NV245?

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Sometime back i posted a tread trying to figure out what transmission I have. Now I need to know about the transfer case. Do I have the NV245 or the NV140. I have the 3.7l V6 with QT2. I assume since I have QT2 i would also have the i right? Manual doesn't help.

Also while we are talking about it I was wondering if there is anyone else on the forums with this set up? Robby (I believe) had mentioned it being somewhat rare. Anybody else have it?
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I think you are the only one on the forum with a V-6 QT-II setup Fstop.

I am so jealous....all commanders should have came with QT-II
I really agree.
The V-6 combination would have been more viable in my eyes.
But, Jeep was likely correct in making it an option knowing the majority of buyers were looking for a all weather all wheel drive vehicle, not a hill climber.
The responsibility for driveline combinations really falls on the dealership folks who order the floor inventory.
Some dealers have more knowledgeable ordering departments that may have chosen this optional combination to sit on the lot till sold.
Others, likely just ordered base 4X4 V-6's for the lot.
Evidently, more base units were ordered.

There currently is no source for replacement u'joints.
The driveshaft assemblys were sourced from Mercedes and apparently in Germany they chose not to recondition.

One would think there could be a aftermarket substitute.....but not yet.

The front halfshafts are rebuildable and remans are available as well.
Yes, I am saying there currently are no driveshaft U-joints available and yes, you can take them apart.......only to find there is no joint listed.

This, and things like replacing lower control arms because there are no available bushings makes me nuts.

The concept of pitching sub assemblys due to lack of service parts is not just a Jeep thing......I am finding more and more of this 'waste' in newer they took a page out of computer repair.....just throw the whole thing out....arrrg!!! sheesh!!

I got caught up in the media thing I know, reduce waste, etcetera.

1 - 5 of 107 Posts
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