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3.7l V6 with QT2, NV245?

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Sometime back i posted a tread trying to figure out what transmission I have. Now I need to know about the transfer case. Do I have the NV245 or the NV140. I have the 3.7l V6 with QT2. I assume since I have QT2 i would also have the i right? Manual doesn't help.

Also while we are talking about it I was wondering if there is anyone else on the forums with this set up? Robby (I believe) had mentioned it being somewhat rare. Anybody else have it?
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Fstop 28,
I'm attaching a earlier post started by 07Jeep XK on this transfer case.
Since it sounds like you are the only 3.7 with OTII you can probably answer the most questions. From earlier research the 245 wouldn't bolt up to the 3.7 transmission.
So the missing link here is what trans do you have that accepts the 245 and how does that bolt up to the 3.7??????????????????????
Fstop28, Thanks for the photos. I'm going to crawl under mine tomorrow and check it out.
07, I wasn't saying you said the 3.7 trans wouldn't bolt up. My dealer told me that my trans output shaft is not the same and would not accept the 245. I also have a pm from another member that said the same thing. An adapter plate would be needed and then shafts and the module if the wiring harnesses are the same.
There are qiuet a few threads, going way back on trying to do this.
But no one has done it yet, that I know of.
I think with Fstops28's input this may come to fruition since it actually exists.
A year ago I would have tried this, but I will probably have another new to me XK QTII or QDII around March due to high mileage.
I'm confused too.
I didn't know that a factory installation of the 3.7 and QTII existed or was even available as an option.
Fstops photo of the plate between trans and transfer case should answer some questions.
I'll be under mine as soon as I finish painting a bedroom, with a goal of figuring this out.
Fstop thanks for helping.
I was painting all day yesterday and hope to get under mine today.
Congratulations and good luck!
1 - 4 of 107 Posts
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