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I installed my 4xGuard rails that I got from Russ (, making notes & taking pics while doing so. Russ' product, while good in design, is somewhat lacking in the instructions as they were written for a WK install, so there are some slight differences for the XK.
  1. Picture of the body mount holes for the brackets. These holes are cast in the body and require no drilling. There is a third hole above and between these holes where the third bolt installs.
  2. Pictures of bracket installed from outside and underneath. This is a picture of the front bracket; the middle & rear brackets don't have the additional "L" on the bracket.

  3. The driver's side brackets installed:
  4. Driver's side rail installed:
  • On the passenger side front, if you have rear air conditioning, the lines and cover run in the same frame space that the bracket uses. Loosen but don't remove the cover to access the third body mount hole properly.
  • Russ only supplies six carriage bolts for the rails. I suggest that you buy an additional six bolts for added strength.
  • When installing the upper frame nuts, use some tape on a closed end wrench to hold the nut in place while assembling everything. Even so, you might want to pick up some additional grade 8, fine thread nuts. You can't find these at Home Depot or Lowe's, but rather at smaller neighborhood stores like Ace, True Value or similar.
  • Have a decent sized tube of blue thread locker on hand. The one Russ gives you isn't enough for the job.
  • Patience is a virtue, and is defintiely required on this install, especially with the upper nut installation. An extra set of hands is helpful when positioning the rails, but not required.
  • If you have the Mopar molded front mudguards, you'll either need to remove them or cut holes in the front of them to reinstall them. I cut holes in them but might remove them in favor of some regular flat ones. The rear mudguards aren't affected.
I'm also going to pass this along to Russ for his info. He also wants to use my XK for measurements for skid plates and other accessories in development.
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