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This is a pretty simple exercise but I thought I'd mention a couple things.

Always remove the fill plug first.
This way, if something bad happens, at least you haven't drained the fluid yet!

My NV245 took just under 2 quarts of the transfer case fluid.
The service manual says 3.8 pints (1.9 quarts).

The fill and drain plugs are 10mm hex sockets. You can use an allen wrench or equivalent.

I made a quick fill rig instead of using a pump (pictured)
I used some tube from a fuel line kit from Autozone.
Cut the top to fit snug and poked a hole (above the fluid line).
Then, with my compressor set at about 20 psi, used a blow off tool to pressurize the bottle.
Works great!

Hope this helps somebody,


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