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So I picked up a used loaded 06 hemi 12/08 with 14.5 k miles. Now have 20.5 k miles and thought I share a quick review.

I've had no major mechanical issues.

Sometimes my radio cuts out, but it's either the front and rear left speakers, or front and rear right speakers. Never both sides, so I'm assuming it's the amp shorting out or something. It was at the shop once but of course they didn't find anything.

I have the front shock rattling issue due to poorly made bushings, but I've noticed it is a lot worse in sub 20 degree F. weather when the bushings are frozen. Now that it's 40 Degrees + the rattling sound is virtually non existant. I think it's probably that they're made of the wrong material or something.

I paid 300 for the transfer case, front and rear diff service, and oil change, and inspection, at 16.5k miles. No issues or leaks since then.

THe truck stalled once on me, but I am almost positive it's because I'm 6'5" and my knee hit the key. Poor ignition location for tall drivers. I'm afraid I may snap the key off one day if I'm not careful.

I don't know what's up with the passenger side cup holder. It is smaller then the drivers side cup holder, so if my wife and I each get medium drinks, the one of us that is sitting in the passanger seat has to balance their drink in the holder.

200 Bucks for a DVD NAV upgrade!

Needed front brake roters and did pads while I had the rotors off. The OEM pads were only half gone, but the inside edges of the two front rotors were flaking off for some reason causing squeaking because the pads weren't flush aginst the rotors anymore. So I upgraded both.

Other then these minor things, we rate the truck a 10 for fun to drive. Rate it a 9 for space (2 kids)
Rate it a 10 for ride quality.
5 for gas milage (of course)
9 for engine sound.
overall we rate it a 9.5 and would definately by another one.
9.5 for off road capability - had it in deep snow several times, and almost got stuck once, but I think that's because the tires are a little worn.

Only thing I'd change on the stock truck is the shocks. I would put a higher quality set on.

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