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Hello to you ! All the "Vétéran" out there !

First thing to first, I usually speak french so, ...
dont be to hard !

I registred a few minutes ago, because I am gonna be first time owner of a
2006 Jeep XK Commander Limited HEMI
Black ! ( everything I wanted ! ) ...tomorow ! :confused:

Imagine that ! ...
I cant sleep so I though, Why not register to a Commander Forum !
and here I am , pressenting my self to you !

I love drawing and painting everything , ... as long as its drivable ! Cars, Trucks, Motocycle, etc.
Its Funny, because back to shcool, ( thirty some years ago ) I was a big Jeep lover .
The 1989 Jeep Renegade all black was on a wall of my room.
But now the kids are older , more independent, I felt in love again with that piece of a Jeep !
Woah! ... Even the name is awesome !
My older son drive a black 2015 Grand Chero but I Cant wait to park beside him with Dads Commander !

You see ? I'm still a young boy in to a 49 years old body !

Wish you the best in this Covid Situation and you will (for sure ) read something else about me or My Commander
really soon !

Thank you to be there !


Now , I'm going to see all yours in the gallery !

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@Lartissx Welcome to the forum! Post some photos of your Commander for us when you get it.


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Finaly, ...

It was an adventure ! But , ... I got it back home !
The thing is that it is not a Hemi , but still a V8.
in a Limited version !
( Leather, Nav.DVD)
The Commander is running so smooth, that I change my mind and took it !
So proud now ! The only one in my area !

I will post some "decent" photos of that Officer soon !

By the way , you guys, are driving pretty awesome Commander !
cant wait to upgrade mine to !
( ex. black housing headlight !!!! then a lift .... if I still got my wife, next will be dual exhaust! )

See you soon !
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