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2008 XK 4.7L 4x4 (QT1) Flex-Fuel Sport
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So, I'm redoing my entire suspension while lifting my XK, and I went with Lemförders fir the tie rod ends, because they seemed the best available without breaking the bank - only marginally more expensive than Moog, (and you don't know if you are getting Moog.) I know they make lots of the OEM parts for BMW and Benz, so that sealed the deal.

Upon receipt, it turns out they are doing the same thing Moog has been - getting another manufacturer that "meets their quality" and white-labelling the parts as their own.

It was at first a pleasant surprise, because the manufacturer was CTP, whose focus is on making parts for Caterpillar tractors and heavy equipment. But... how that translates to the Jeep, I dunno. So, the part description and some pics follow... (Before opening the Box I noticed they were not made in Germany or the US, but Korea, so that was the start...)

I also noticed straightaway that they have sealed ball joints - which everyone seems to be moving toward. The bolt appears to be zinc-plated, whilst some of the other brands have what appears to be a shinier, nickel finish. The nut fits well, no play in the threads, and it is a plastic lock-nut rather than the star-crown. Upon moving it, the joint is stiff as, and fully packed with grease, no "grit" feelings, just a perfect slide.
Was hoping to get anyone's tink-tink. It seems there are the 50ish dollar ends, and the 300 dollar tie rod ends, and I don't want my sus to be worth more than the vehicle, but I do want it to last and take me down 20 miles of dirt roads 5 times a week.

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