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The wife wants a CAI for valentines treat, so I can't complain too much huh! :)

Anyways, I was about to order one, but first decided to look at the posts on here.
Seems everyone agrees the resonator is a pile of junk that needs to be eliminated entirely or modifying courtesy of duct-tape or replacing with a 2009 Liberty elbow...

But it still seems no-one really knows if the 4.7 K&N CAI (which does eliminate the resonator) will actually fit the 3.7...

I have a collection of hoses, hose clips, and if needs be can fire up the TIG, so I reckon I can figure this out pretty quickly if it does need modifying - but could someone verify if there are any posts alluding to if the 4.7 does / doesn't fit - at least I know what to expect! LOL

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