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Hi all, so here's the back story...
Installed all 6" of lift. When I went around corners it sounded like I was rubbing. I deduced that it was not rubbing and that it was the abs and tcs working together to ensure I didn't roll since I didn't have the EGR module installed. I lived with it for quite some time then eventually it went away, BUT, the ABS TCS and ESP lights came on and stayed on. I enjoyed it because I didn't want to punch a baby every time I went around a corner.

The service 4wd light is NOT on. I've seen threads with that issue, and I think mine is unrelated.

I have purchased and installed the Electronic Geometrical Recalibration module from SuperLift and installed it.

How do I get my lights to go back off? Tried disconnecting the batter for 30 minutes to no avail. The lights came back on right after I started the vehicle.

2006 XK 6" Lift 33" Tires AWD model. 3.7L

Thanks for the help!
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