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I've been around here for a while now and I've seen forum members come and go for various reasons over the years; Some guys sell there Commanders (or total them) and lose interest, others have kids and get real busy with life in general. Every once in a while I'll see a regularly participating member just seemingly vanish with no rhyme or reason.

I really don't like to lose touch with good, contributing forum members that are notorious for helping others whenever they can. These are the kind of members that help make this forum what it is.

@2010 inferno has been missing in action for well over a year now and I'm curious if anybody has been in touch with him at all - on or off the forum.

While he was not a member for a very long time (just under 3 years) he was typically a regular fixture around here when he joined in 2016 - up until about 15 months ago; I've PM'd him a couple of times over the last year or so and have not heard back from him, so, I'm somewhat concerned.

Has anyone been in touch with or heard from Swanny at all?
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