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According to the manual, as long as one of the two knobs sits on Auto, the temperature controls work, right? Did I read that wrong?

I like to set my temp control on 69 and I really like that the system keeps the temperature there. On cold days (we've had two since I bought), the system waited until heat was available and eased it on. On hot days, the air cranks up, adds recirculate after a bit, and then backs off as the interior cools.

There are some days, I really would like to have some of that air hit my feet. I've tried swinging the right knob to bi-level and every time I'm hit with a blast of - realtively - hot air. It seems that without both knobs on auto, the temperature selectors are just mixture controls without regard for the inside temperature.

Is that the case with yours? How did you read/interpret the manual?
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