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Backup Camera Focus.

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in my toyota the backup camera image is perfectly in focus, but in my 08 CMDR Limited the image is not anywhere near crisp.
I've cleaned the lens, asked the dealer (waste of oxygen). Everyone says that that is normal camera.

So my questions are
1. if you have the stock camera and nav package - is your backup image in focus and clear.
2. if mine is just borked and everyone else's is crisp and clear - any suggestions on how to fix it?

Thanks in advance

Frustrated in Missouri
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They are just cheap cameras. Mine is the same way. It is in focus, just not a good clear picture.
My camera image is in focus. It's not real effective for me at dusk, but that could just be my eyes. Could your lens be scratched?
I think mine is pretty clear, but not as crisp as my HD camcorder or something. I can clearly see what I am backing up towards with no issues though.
So it's been a year...

But last week i smacked the spot jsut above the camera with a 2x4 I was moving pretty hard (careless I know - I thought I had dented the Jeep). No dent but the camera is in MUCH better focus now... who knew.
2010 with nav and camera. Camera is very fuzzy. Took it back to carmax where I bought it and they are having the camera and wire harness replaced at no charge. Parts are ordered and we will see how it turns out. I am going to be towing a seafox 199cc boat so I need to see the camera clearly.
Has anyone else dealt with this recently? My 08's rear view camera is really blurry or out of focus and is hard to see during the day. I've cleaned the camera well and nothing has helped. Has anyone fixed this? Will replacing the camera make it better? It's such a bummer every time I see it come on in the screen as it just looks very fuzzy and almost unusable.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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