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so about 2 weeks ago my battery light popped up on my dash on my way home from work. very short drive i didnt notice a difference in driving but when i popped the hood i saw a little smoke come from under the hood and i could tell the alternator was cooked(plus this happened to my parents Trailblazer years ago and it was the alternator). next day i take my alternator to AZ and of course its bad, i get a new one and throw it in and everything was fine for 2 weeks.

yesterday i was doing some Xmas shopping and it pops back on for some reason. got to my parents place not far from where the light came and noticed none of the symptoms from weeks back. i turned it on again and it was off.

later that night i went to Batteries Plus where i got my new battery during the summer to test it and it was fine.

why does this light keep chasing me? i have a new battery and alternator, is it the Battery Temperature Sensor i keep reading about? thanks in advance guys
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