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I purchased the BBK 5190 fuel rail that is advertised for 5.7L HEMI's on Amazon for about $219.00. I installed the 6.1L SRT8 injectors as an upgrade, the 30b size is stock for the 6.1L and a nice upgrade for the 5.7L after intake and exhaust upgrades to help the ECU manage the Air/Fuel ratio better.

Install notes:

The BBK rails do not fit perfect... I had to add a couple of flat washers to the rail hold downs in order to keep the rail from pushing off the rear-most injector. It does not utilize clips like the OEM rail. Super easy fix, not sure why BBK did not see this when they designed it. Every person I know has had to do this for the rails. Just make sure to bend the flat washers to match the curve of the rail before installing.

Also, you will need to add some hose clamps to the fuel crossover tube. The supplied system uses a really stupid barb system to attempt to hold the line together... It fails miserably without the hose clamps.

Other than those really easy fixes it is a great system and cheap.


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