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Feel like sharing some Pics of my rides past and present. I'm one that likes to keep my cars and bikes for a while! So, with that, even though i'm into my 30's, i've only had 4 cars and just as many motorcycles.


97 Grand Cherokee Limited 4.0L 4X4 (DECEASED!!!). Oh So Sexy! <-IMHO the standard of what all SUV's should be! Photo taken in the OBX during a huricane in either 2003 or 2004.

03 Jaguar X-Type 3.0 (TRADED!!! for my Commander)with a lot of work done to it... not counting the thousands in maintenance... UGH. She was pretty, tho

96 Honda Shadow 1100. (SOLD!!! for my Harley) Loved it, but it's got NOTHING on the Pig


My 06 Commander after a few simple swaps, such as chrome grill, and chrome side moldings. I like it much better then the black and body colored grill, and I still have much more to do! I'll get an OBX beach pic next week.

My wifes 07 Patriot Limited 4x4. Nice OBX beach pic :) First, and only car I bought new... that's what she wanted... at least she still loves it

"You'll never see a motorcycle parked in front of a therapists office"

97 Harley Davidson Road King... Low, Long, Loud, & lookin sexy as hell!!!

2007 Suzuki DL-650. "Big Blue" is an ugly pig, but a it's also a bad ass work horse, and reliable as an AK-47! First and only bike I bought new, and she ain't going nowhere! I rode it from West coast (OC, CA) to East coast(NoVA) in the summer of 2010. It wears different skin depending on it's mood, here are a few of it's disguises:

1. packed & geared up for 2 weeks of Adventurizing! No better way to spend my days, and clear my head (photo taken in Colorado)

2. added some new reflective decals, and Big Blue is dressed up for work commuting. Looks cool at night (photo taken in front of CVS)

3. Oh, Heyyy.... We can get Big Blue dressed to rip it up, too. Lots'a red line riding this day the photo was taken!

Well, that's that! I Love my Jeeps... Wouldn't really consider ever buying anything else, and I love my motorcycles... I'll buy MANY more!
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