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i just have a problem with my rear hvac, the a/c hoses under the truck had a small hole in it, (just behind the rear wheel, where they are going up to the hvac, the hoses are stuck between a metal plate and a small foam, just where the rear right tire send some mud, snow, water and more...

so i had a hose leak right there, and those hoses are impossible to change since they are routed above all the mechanic, gas and exhaust so i decided to by pass this unit sine we never used the rear seat

just for your information, i changed the 2 prestone hose for by-pass the T on them, and i tryed to sold the T on the a/c hoses bue without succes

so i went to the dealer to buy grand cherokee hoses, they came with the expensive o-ring on them, and they are the same hoses as the commander but without the T for the rear unit

its just a tip a give to you cause the dealer dont beleive me that the grand cherokee hoses will fit a commander

now my a/c is working and i have a rear unit for sale a very low price:)
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