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Can you use 2019 Gladiator Wheels on a 2007 Commander?

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I have an opportunity to buy new gladiator wheels and tires( 245/75R17). Would these work on my 2007 Jeep commander without any issues? Thanks
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Depends on the offset of the Gladiator wheels. As far as I know Gladiator/Wranglers have significantly smaller offsets than the XK/WK.
I've been doing a lot of research on the topic and As far as my calculations go we can get away with wheels that have an offset of about +18mm/+12mm without the wheels sticking out past the wheel flares.
You need a little lift and adapters, but yes they can be made to fit. They aren't going to bolt on.
Why would you need adapters? The lift I understand but bolt patterns are the same on all Jeeps (5-on-5).
Adapters or spacers are going to be needed to help out with the offset as you mentioned earlier. I tend to disagree with the internet on this subject, but I don't like the 14mm vs. 1/2" stud difference between the JT/JL and JK/XK wheels. Yes, you can run spacers and be just fine, but I am a little anal about it, and went with (and will advise) the spidertrax adapters.
Totally about spidertrax. Can't fault their quality. But don't the JT/JL rims have a smaller offset, meaning they portrude further out than stock XK rims? Wouldn't spacers push them even further out?
I think JT/JL 7.5" wheels have an ET of 44.45, and XK 7.5" wheels have an ET of 44. There isn't much difference there, and XK wheels stick too far under the wheelwells stock anyway.

This is stock JT wheels with 1.5" spidertrax adapters. This sits about right IMO, and any further in is going to lead to rubbing in the front.
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Oh, I always thought that Wrangler wheels had a significantly smaller offset than XKs (around the +20mm range). 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ That makes so much of sense now!

Thanks for educating me! :)
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