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Can you use 2019 Gladiator Wheels on a 2007 Commander?

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I have an opportunity to buy new gladiator wheels and tires( 245/75R17). Would these work on my 2007 Jeep commander without any issues? Thanks
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Fit my 06 Sport perfectly and look great too! View attachment 43039
Good to know @JohnGault;

Thanks for the info, they look great.

Just an FYI to anybody else reading this thread, most of these questions can be answered if you read the information posted here;

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Well….. gotta tear it apart agin, inner cv boot leaking grease everywhere in less than 24hrs. Great quality parts , should’ve just rebuilt my original cv.
Or, you could have tried to find an OEM CV replacement, costs a little more, but, you'll save money & aggravation in the long run.
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