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Hello everyone,

First I want to apologize if I am not putting this question in the right place but I am at a loss and totally at my whits end with this jeep. I have a 2006 Jeep Commander 5.7L V8 Hemi. Absolutely love it but about 4 months ago I had to change the solenoid pack worked great then two weeks the transmission started acting up again and I continuously get codes P700 & P2706. Now I've had the TCM chip replaced twice but still getting the code P2706 which is shift solenoid F. What I can't seem to find out from my original mechanic; the only that replace the pack; is solenoid f part of that part? or is it completely separate?

This jeep has over 140,000 miles and I know it's going to start having issues but seriously I just need to know how to fix this shift solenoid so I can start driving it on the highway again. it's kosher to drive around town most of time but anything above 60 and it shifts from drive down to 3rd gear.

Any help or suggestions anyone can offer is greatly appreciated.

Thank you again
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