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Hey folks...
Just have to share my findings with an annoying noise when driving..

Started about a month ago..
Kept hearing the clinking at random times. Sometimes sounded like I was running over an already crushed beer can.

It would start once I got going.
Spent weeks trying to narrow it down. Definitely came from the rear passenger side.
Braking, turning, shifting, accelerating, etc.... It was so random..
The only common trait was that the noise seemed to come in 3's. Just sayin..

I even ran the issue past Robbie and he suggested checking the emergency brake lines. Although I fixed this issue years ago, my zip ties had snapped and the lines were rubbing and knocking on the differential. Tied em up again..
Problem solved??? NOT SO MUCH...

Still there!! What the...
Had the tire off yesterday while searching, again... Heard a couple bumps coming from inside the tire.

Picture below...
Had new tires put on a few months ago with TPMS. Shop said it didn't appear to come from the TPMS sensors that were currently installed. Might be from original sensors...

Who knows...... That's the life of a jeep owner for ya..


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Glad you found the noise. Looks like the previous shop didn't do a good job of cleaning out the tires before mounting them!
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