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Does anyone know of a code reader on the market that will show the C1438 code and allow me to clear it...
Superchips F5 Flashpaq Programmer is out now (Part # 3874) this is the one most guys here use.

I have one and you can read and clear all current and stored DTC's with it.

Superchips Flashpaq F5 Programmer for 98-14 Jeep® Vehicles | Quadratec

You can read more about it in this thread;

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I bought one that is branded by Centech, and sold at Harbor Freight. I bought the top of the line model they sell because it also pulls and clears all codes including ABS. It will do some diagnostics and has an extensive library of DTCs and explanations with troubleshooting guides. If you go to any autoparts stores they also sell similar units. OBDII is a standard since 1996, so they will all work.

If you're looking for a handheld tuner to change PCM parameters (change tire size, reset gear ratio, change shift points, etc) on your Commander, then you'd need a dedicated programmer. Several manufacturers make several different units. I use a Diablosport I2012, but Superchips and Hypertech both make solid tuners.

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Keep in mind, in most cases if you clear a code with repairing what is causing it, it usually will come back right away, in some cases it might take longer, as much as weeks, to come back, but it will come back. If you repair what ever is causing the code, in most cases the code will go away on its own. Not all, but most, and some might take a few hours to days to go away.

OBDII is a federally mandated protocol that every manufacturer must conform too. Its only for emissions, but since just about any malfunction of the engine and a few of the transmission will affect emissions, OBDII pretty much covers the entire engine and a few codes for the transmission. Its published and standardized, so producing a tool for it is pretty easy and cheap.

The Manufacturers started extending the technology to the whole vehicle, but since that isn't mandated, they can keep the codes and protocols secret and force you into the Dealerships for more service and repairs. They all do it, not just Chrysler/FCA. This is where you end up with codes you can't read (the key dance only works for the OBDII codes, not the thousand of other codes that are in a dozen different modules in the car all on the CAN network).

The Dealer tool is extraordinarily expensive, we're talking 10's of thousands of dollars. And that is simply to keep it out of the hands of DIY'er and Independent shops and to force owners into the Dealerships.

There are 3rd party tools out there, but they are all very expensive, because of all the research and reverse engineering they have to do to figure out the manufacturers secrets, cause they don't want people having options other than going to the Dealerships.

The aftermarket tuner tools, are designed to flash tuning changes to the PCM, they add a few features that could help with trouble shooting and maintenance, but if you buy one of them to use as a maintenance tool, you'll be sorely disappointed, they just aren't designed to do this and lots of things you'll want to do, they won't be able to do.

Lots of OBDII scanners will advertise having all sorts of features, but even if you buy a $300 one, all it will be able to do is interact with the OBDII protocols of the engine controller only, not the rest of the vehicle.

I have purchased AutoEnginuity, its software and a cable so you plug your laptop into your car, its expensive, $220 for the base tool that is barely more than a really good OBDII scanner that can plot and monitor data really well. Then for $250 you can get extended features for one Manufacturer only. It can read just about every code from every module and clear them as well. It can operate several of the maintenance features, like ABS pump to bleed brakes, reconfigure modules, and input configuration data, like new tire diameters. But it can't write to modules, to flash new software or update VIN's or mileage in modules. It can't enable new modules, that come from the manufacturer disabled, etc. It can't do the key making protocols either. The Tuner devices can do a few things AutoEnginuity can NOT, but AutoEnginuity can do a lot the tuner devices can NOT.

So, even with AutoEnginuity you can't avoid going to the Dealership, but you certainly can cut down the number of visits immensely. There are only a few things it can't do, that would require to bring the vehicle into the dealer.

It should read and clear you code C1438, but it can't repair what is ever causing it. So you may spend the ~$500 for the AutoEnginuity that will only work on Chrysler/Jeep, to clear the code, but it may come right back as soon as you turn the key on again.
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