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Combination of Electrical Issues

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Excuse me if this problem has appeared on here already, I have done some extensive searching but cant seem to find this same problem anywhere.

I have been experiencing intermittent issues with my 2008 Commander. This morning I had my air conditioner on and all of the sudden it shuts off, the blower and all just died.

I began to look at my dash and my compass just has "--" where the indicator would be and then my airbag light came on. I was trying to find a decent place to pull over and check things out when after about 30 seconds after everything quit, it all came back to life as if nothing had happend before.

I am thinking that its almost like a relay or a resistor getting hot but at the same time I am not sure how the blower, air bag, and compass could all be tied into the same problem.

If anyone has any help it would be greatly appreciated!
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Have your battery tested.
I have the identical problem. I checked codes. There were many indicating various components lost communication with the parking assist module.
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Thank you. I updated myself.
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@CSegroves ;

You may consider a trip to the dealership & pay the $120.00 to have the park assist module tested; It could need to be replaced.
I bought the lifetime warranty when I purchased my Commander. I did ask the dealer to look at the problem when last there. They could not replicate, so did not troubleshoot further. My problem has happened every time I drove for the past couple months, until after The heavy rains this weekend. Probably coincidental by curious. If I could locate schematics I may be able to dig deeper.
The only mechanical problem I have had was a leaking water pump. Not bad for 240000 miles. I have had to replace the drive train computer twice (intermittent knocking and engine dieing). It took the dealer over 3 months to find, since it only happened when the engine/transmission was hot. I'll post the cause when I find.
Thanks for the input. I will do this test.
I have not. The dealer can't find it either. They suggested to jiggle the key when it happens. The ignition switch is sometimes not fully engag
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