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Commander 3.7L Performance Mods

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Ok still learning about my Jeep Commander. I just got into the whole off road thing. I am wanting suggestions of what to do performance wise. I just threw on a 2.5 inch lift and K&N Air Intake. I was looking at the Airaid Throttle body spacer. I noticed one site said that it wouldn't work with throttle bodies that had 3 bolts only 4. I checked out my TB and saw it was a 3 bolt (go figure). Looked around more and saw that there is a Airaid TB spacer for a 2003-2006 Jeep Liberty 3.7L. This one is made for the 3 bolt. Do you guys think that this one will fit mine? Also am looking at a cat back exhaust system that is pretty quiet but noticable. Kinda thinking it will sound wierd because I have the 3.7 V6. Suggestions on anything that will make my Commander have some more HP and Torque. Mostly Torque. And guys be nice because I am new to this website. :bowdown:
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The best thing you can do for performance is get your hands on some 3:73 gears out of a Commander with QT II (4.7 Liter) and swap them out with your 3.07's.
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