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Commander - Accidental Classic?

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I've been getting a lot of positive comments over the last year about my truck. Looking at prices for low mileage specimens, they have gone way up (I've seen several north of $15k USD).

The Commander with QDII is great offroad compared to other SUVs in its size class, can tow easily especially with the Hemi, has a ton of space for gear, has a really good comfort/luxury level and is cheap to maintain as long as you keep on top of things. It also has a unique look so you stand out from the crowd.

I think even though it didn't have a long run in the market its becoming an accidental classic. Thoughts?

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When I bought mine a few years ago I didn’t see many around. Now I’m noticing more of them on the road. I think prices are still decent and people don’t wanna spend a lot on a new suv. I think bc they were only made for 5 years and if Jeep doesn’t bring back the commander name , they will get collectable. Look how much the 80s- early 90s grand wagoneer goes for. I remember when nobody wanted them or they were under 1000.00. Just like the ford excursions. Prices are nuts, prob bc they are not made anymore, but nobody wants a suburban(like mine) bc they are still out there and being made.
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The biggest reason that the Commander will be ignored as a classic is that the body style is so similar to a Liberty and a Patriot that most of the Commander's other traits go unnoticed to the average person.
Yeah I noticed the newer liberty’s look like a commander. I have a 02 liberty sport also that my daughter drives and I like that body style better. I don’t consider a patriot or compass a real Jeep lol but that’s just my opinion.
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