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@YB Normyl;

Do you own a Commander currently?

Your user profile says you do not - but there is thread in your signature that implies that you do; If you do, please update your user profile accordingly as directed below; Thank you.

ATTENTION All Forum Members - Mandatory Requirement: Update your User Profile Information.

There are some new questions pertaining specifically to your Commander that have been added to your user profile to be answered. YOU SHOULD LOG-IN FROM A DESKTOP OR LAPTOP COMPUTER. There are Member Profile Questions that must be answered with profile fields that must be filled out; They are easily accessed & viewed if you are logged in from a desktop or laptop computer - IT IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO VIEW ALL OF THE PROFILE QUESTIONS / FIELDS IF YOU ARE LOGGED IN ON A SMART PHONE USING THE MOBILE VIEW APP.

If you don't own a Commander just answer "No" to the "Own a Commander?" question and you don't need to answer any more of the Commander specific questions. If you do own a Commander, obviously, you'll answer "Yes" and then answer the rest of the questions pertaining to your Commander. Your answers will display all of your Commander's information below your avatar like this:

Own a Commander?: Yes
Model year: 2008
Trim Package: Sport
Power-Train: 4.7L V-8
2WD or 4WD: 4WD
If 4WD - system: QT-II
Current Mileage: 86,500

To update your profile, click on your username above your avatar and select the "View Public Profile" tab and click on "About Me" and you will see the questions that need to be answered pertaining to your Commander's information.

Please take the time to update your profile when you have a spare minute, so, the newer members will know what kind of Commander (Model Year, Trim Package, Power-Train, 2WD or 4WD; 4WD system; etc.) that you are driving.

Update: this sticky announcement has been posted in every single sub-forum for almost 2 years now and I'm still seeing members that have not complied. This is a mandatory requirement for all forum members - failure to update your user profile in accordance with forum rules will be followed up with disciplinary action, up to and including the possibility of being permanently banned from the forum for violation of forum rules.

These rules have been put in place for a purpose, please follow them accordingly. Thank you.

Big Blue; Forum Moderator.
161 - 175 of 175 Posts