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Cooper at3 or mastercraft at2?? Anybody have the at3's?

So, I need new tires. I'm pretty sure I have the stock forteras and at 42k miles they suck in the snow and mud.

I only do a little mud, but I live in Pennsylvania, most years it snows (only once this year :( )

I'm looking for something aggressive for the looks and snow/mud traction. The forteras look good, but like I said traction isn't so good, and from a couple local tire shops I have talked to.. the forteras are crap.

Today I looked at cooper at3's and some mastercraft at2. I liked both of them but not sure what I'm doing with. Does anybody have the at3's? How are they?

Or other recommendations?

Edit: I also looked at general grabber at2's and like them, but I can't seem to find any locally. (The ones I looked at were new on a used vehicle for sale)

If I get the at3's or mastercraft's I can get a free tire basically. Whenever I bought the jeep, the dealer said to come back to him whenever I want new tires. He gets 25% off at a local tire place.
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