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Custom Roof Rack

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I have been reading these forums for sometime without ever posting anything.

I finally feel like i have something you might be interested in.

I recently built a custom rack for my XK.

I have used Yakima racks for other cars for years...when I bought my XK i was upset to discover that Yakima does not make an adapter for the Commander.

I looked to Thule who does make a rack but was looking at $300+ to buy it.

You can buy a factory rack for $150 but factory racks are notorious for being flimsy.

So i came up with a simple idea that would allow a custom install on the the built in tracks on top of my XK.

The rack is basically Angle Iron welded to a one inch square tube cross bar bolted into the track.

My Yakima Kayak Stacker bolted onto the custom rack with no problem.

I was also able to use my Yakima Cargo Box

Simple but works great. Only problem is the XK's tracks are not straight. So I had to build the crossbars for very specific locations in the track. There is no moving them up and down the track. So if your thinking of building some it would be good to to do some planning.

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Good job. If you can't find it ...Make it. Welcome to the Forum. The more people that post their ideas and comments the better the Forum is. Any good trails that you have been on in the Permian Basin?
Very nicely done! I love to see home made alternatives to the overpriced "ready made" solution. I am a big fan of DIY projects.
Could you show or explain how you bolted it to the track. Thanks!
Any good trails that you have been on in the Permian Basin?
the only public trails i have found are in Big Bend National Park. I would really like to find some in the nearby Davis Mountains...but a Google search reveals nothing. Anyone know of some good public trails close to the Midland/Odessa area?
Could you show or explain how you bolted it to the track. Thanks!
I used these little Track Nuts a friend gave me. I believe their technical names are Unistrut Spring Nuts. The nuts fit the track on the XK perfectly.

I pulled the springs off them and then welded some threaded rod into the nuts.

Once you have done this turn the nuts horizontal to the XK's tracking..

Slip it down into the track and turn the nuts perpendicular to the tracking and tighten down the hex nuts.

I hope this helps.
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Good job, thank you for sharing a wonderful idea.
Awesome rack, FStop! To add "slide-ability" I wonder if the base brackets could be made a little wider and then add sideways slots for the bolts.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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