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Hey guys, I was looking into Limited Slip Diffs to get rid of my 1 wheel peel, but I'm confused as all hell... I'm not too privy to the transmission back, so I have a few questions.

1. Is the "Chrysler 8.25" the same as a "Chryco 8.25"
2. If different, which might I have?
3. Are we 27 spline or 29 spline?
4. What kind of Diff should I get? I've seen SSOOOOOO many options! Between Auto lockers, Electronic lockers, and all kinds of other confusing nonsense. (remember I'm 2WD and just want to do burnouts, no offroad lol)

I tried checking my build sheet to no avail, but if helpful, here's my VIN: 1j8hh48n18c183124
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