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Hello all, been searching for a few days but cant seem to find a definitive answer.

I had a installed a 2" RC spacer kit with Bilstein 4600 front and 5100 Rears and Moog UCAs. The ride was pretty bouncy after about a year so i decided to replace the thing lead to another...

I now have OME HD springs all around and OME Struts but kept the 5100 rear shocks. I also added a RRO 3/8th spacer up front, as was recommended and also upgraded the UCAs to JBAs (loved the dvd).

I'm pleased with the ride and the way it looks but now im getting a terrible squeak from the rear. I took it back to the shop that installed my gear and the tech stated that he needed to keep the rear spacer in order to keep the back end from dropping lower. Does anyone have experience with this or know of way I can either get rid of the squeak or change the spacer all together?

Thank you!

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