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I just bought my Commander today and I need some help.

Just to preface this, I installed car Audio for 7 years at Circuit City and still work there on the weekends.

Double Din Nav Help
I have (what I believe is a Din and a half) the non navigation Cd player and am planning on putting in the Eclipse AVN 5510 Unit (double din). From measurements alone I could almost swear that a double din would fit in my stock opening with a dash kit. Yet from looking through previous threads it looks as if I have to purchase a navigation bezel from the REC Nav Units. I know metra makes a Double Din kit 996510 (that says requires a stock nav unit) yet it has the same dimensions as my radio.

Do I really need this Bezel? If so i have seen two kinds for sale. 1 is the one on jeep4x4's website, a bezel that looks like it is simply the surround of the radio, and the one that I have seen on the forum is basically a new dash. Is this all necessary? Can I get it to fit without buying the new bezel? if not what is the best deal? i have seen one for $78 on


I have already put a pair of polk momo 6x9s in the front door, momo 6.5 components in the rears and plan on putting my amp under the third row of seats (there is room if you take the seats out, install the 4 channel, then put the seats back in).

I know im a newb, but I called MTX today, and they said they may be coming out with a Thunderform for our car, but if more people go onto their website and fill out the Thunderform request form that it may Expedite the process.

Thanks for your help, and I'm proud to be part of the Commander Community

Aaron S
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