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Good morning. My 2006 Hemi Commander is tossing U1001, U0024, one for EGR system performance (sorry don't remember the code), along with other can B bus - for a lot of modules.

This fall I noticed the mds would not engage. Check engine light came on so I hooked up my snapon scanner and seen these codes. I used the scanner to actuate the egr valve and it operated normal. I reset the computer and watched the egr position, volts (3.9v), and duty cycle while driving. After it warmed up mds kicked in. After about 10 minutes the duty cycle and position went to 0, but the volts stayed at 3.9. MDS would not engage. Pulled over and reset the computer and it started working again but within a mile both went to 0 and mds stopped.

So my first thought was that the egr was indeed bad and once it got hot it would stop working. I put in a new egr and no change.

Yesterday I took it for a drive and everything seemed great. Egr duty cycle and position was performing as expected. Was able to drive it for almost a hour and then surprise surprise both went to zero and mds stopped. Yesterday was quite cold here and I think the faulty component took longer to heat up and cause an open circuit. Seems to be related to heat.

Any help would be appreciated.
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