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Hi I am based in the UK and have a Jeep Commander 3.0 CRD on a 2006 plate. I have been having the engine management light coming on and off for the past 6 months, now the light is staying on the majority of the time, I have took the car to both a local mechanic for diagnostics and Jeep main dealer, and both said the error codes were one of the glow plugs and one of the two lambda sensors, so I paid and they replaced both the glow plug and the sensor. Within 24 hours the engine management light came back on again, so I took it back to Jeep who changed the lambda sensors round, (putting the new one in the opposite sensor) and the engine management light was still on, so they established this was not faulty in the first place, apparently the temperature reading from the one sensor was -20c and the other +200c, which obviously makes no sense to them at all. They say they have checked the leads going in and out of the lambda sensors as well as the ones going into the ECM and all appear fine. They are now telling me it must be the ECM (part number: 05094244AI), but, at nearly £4,000 as I am sure you can appreciate I am reluctant to replace this in case this is not the problem, as Jeep will not refund me if this doesn't rectify the problem.

The car itself drives normal (maybe slightly hesitant at times) but, nothing that anybody who isn't used to the car would notice, I have just come back off holiday doing a 400 mile round trip towing the caravan and it pulled fine, but, obviously I need to try and establish what the problem is.

I have tried to find a specialist in Chrysler / Jeep electronics that maybe can do a proper diagnostic, but, cannot find anyone who can help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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